Hand-Carved Santas

Steve Poindexter has always loved crafting, or piddling as he calls it. He grew up watching his father and grandfather in their shops and would one day inherit the same love for working with his hands. 

Several years ago Steve started painting and carving santas out of driftwood. At first it was just something he thought he would try but his friends and family loved them, so he made more and gave them away as gifts.  After recently retiring and building his own workshop, he decided to start making them again.  Steve said he looks at each piece of driftwood and decides where the best place for the face would be. He then starts carving and creating these folk art style santas. 

Each driftwood santa is different in texture, shape, style, size and no two are alike. I am thankful Steve has exclusively chosen my store to sell his primitive style santas. They are imperfect, creative, and unique and that is what makes each one of them special.  

**Items are temporarily unavailable online, please contact us for in store availability. 

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